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 Karazhan (ready for the clearing)

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PostSubject: Karazhan (ready for the clearing)   Mon May 12, 2008 10:35 am

1) General Information about Karazhan

Deadwind Pass
Number of Players: 10
Level: 70
Reset Timer: 7 Days
Final boss: Prince Malchezaar / Nightbane
Released: added in Burning Crusade
Key: The Master's Key

Karazhan - the Tower of Medivh
The instance is huge, scripted, and non-winged, containing twelve boss encounters, with 22 different NPCs. The instance requires that each member possess [The Master's Key], obtained through an attunement process. The following bosses and encounters must be defeated in order: Moroes, the Opera Event, The Curator and the Chess Event. All other bosses are optional.

To any and all who have never been raiding before, or who are only used to doing UBRS as 10-man, this is NOT the same type of encounter. It is as difficult and involved as any 25-man used to be in days of old. If even one person in the group is under geared, or isn't maxing out their potential, the group as a whole will be gimped. I don't state this to be mean, it's just the requirements set forth by Blizzard. The instance will be tough. It will be trying on our patience, and it most certainly will be expensive in repairs until we can figure out all the bosses and be able to work together as one coherent entity. Nothing is more important in this instance than teamwork.

2) Gear Requirements

Please note, that with the degree of difficulty set forth by Blizzard in this instance, going to KZ in anything but blues and purples is ill-advised. Your gear minimum must be at least all lvl 70 blues or higher (dungeon 3 sets can do quite nicely) and while not in KZ try and do heroic instances in order to get even better gear. Also don't forget, reputation rewards can also sometimes yield better gear. On a side note to tanks and healers, it is imperative that you follow these requirements as so much rests on your shoulders.

Landing damage on a boss on a raid, please have:

For clearing Kara:
8% min for both hit rating and spell hit rating
Obtaining raid gear, have:
Melee (hit rating): 10 - 15% (142 hit in your stats window)
Caster (spell hit rating): 8 - 15%
Class specs can help in this area.

Ongoing damage specs:
Keep in mind that some class specs are better then others, Raid bosses are usually long fights so good DPS over full duration of fight is better then mass DPS up front then none for the rest of the fight.
DPS standards are:
Melee: over 1,500 - 1,600 AP
Caster: over +800 damage or more

Healing standards, please have:

For clearinging Kara:
+1,500 healing and increased heal crit chance

Tanking standards:

over 490 Def
over 13,000 hp
over 15,000 armor
over 18% in parry, block and dodge
Protection spec helps in this area. Over 490 def makes you uncritable against mobs (not players) but your still weak against Crushing blows. (Crushing blows are different from crit hits, crit hits are just higher damage hits where as crushing blows are ment to 1 shot you, armor reduces damage from crushing blows and HP will help to live through them. Very important to have high block, dodge and parry to avoid the whole hit itself)

over 415 Def
over 13,000 hp (bear form)
over 22,000 armor

over 490 Def
over 13,000 hp
over 15,000 armor
over 5,000 Mana
over 18% in parry, block and dodge
Protection Paladins can be uncrushable, this is how to calculate it:
-----1. 5% miss (everyone has this 5% to be missed by any mob)
-----2. Parry number
-----3. Dodge number
-----4. Block number (with Holy Shield active)
-----5. Mouse over your defense (hopefully 490) and a new window opens up to show you how much more avoidance you get from your defense
Total avoidance = 5% + parry + dodge + block (with HS active) + added avoidance from defense
If this total number is 102.4 - then you are uncrushable when HS is active.

Also tanks be sure to train yourself in tanking more then one at a time, practice in Shattered Halls.

3) Required Addons / Ventrilo

For something as big as KZ, Ventrilo, and a few addons are absolute requirements. Even if you can't speak in Ventrilo, you can still set it up to be able to listen, and this is very important in here, as last minute calls might need to go out in mid-battle. Talk to an officer if you don't know how to set it up.

As for addons, there are a few that are essential to helping the group co-ordinate. First up is an addon called "Omen." What Omen is, is a threat meter much like KTM for those who use that one. In my opinion Omen is better than KTM because it can keep track of individual threat on individual mobs rather than a general threat indication on all mobs in the fight. This is much more useful kowledge to the tanks, and the players in a fight. The more people using Omen, the more accurate it becomes. Here is the link where you will always be able to get the latest version: Click here

Next up, and almost more important than the threat meter, is a set of addons called "Big Wigs." What this is, is a set of addons that set up timer bars on screen for different boss moves that are coming as well as announce when boss phases are coming up and actually happen. It's a great way to know when certain things are happening in fights as a lot of times this requires a certain player or specific class to do something in answer to the event. Here is the link where you will always be able to get the latest version: Click here

Come back and check here often for any new information that I might post as we progress through Karazhan.
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Karazhan (ready for the clearing)
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