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 What's happening?

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PostSubject: What's happening?   Mon May 12, 2008 1:47 pm

Hello everyone, questions have been going around wondering about what's happening with KZ and the guild. This post is up now so we can finally get that information across to everyone. Not just Disciples of the Moon members, but our new friends as well from Infinite Chaos.

We've had some trouble in the past getting groups filled and sometimes, that was the case for our new friends as well. The goal here for both of us is to fill groups consistently every week and start putting KZ as a regular event, every week. That said, chances are that we will have more people than we need for these runs, so there will be people slotted on standby and gearing/specc will effect who gets slotted, as well as group makeup. Slotting itself will be done by a member from each guild to ensure even slotting all around. We do foresee putting a group two in as soon as it becomes viable (ie.: enough people). Until then we will still be running twice a week on Fridays and Saturdays at our usual time of 7:00 pm server time. As it stands now, group 1 will be doing clears to the end time permitting. We have already proven that we are capable of doing this, hence why gear/specc will play an important role in slotting.

Looting will obviously undergo a change. The point system we had in place will be removed, and drops will be random rolled on. Seeing as how most of the time that is what it came down to anyways was a random roll. The people coming are going to be regulars so we're not expecting them to "loot n' scoot." Items that drop will be random 100 rolls, with a limit of one epic per run, until everyone has one or no one wants it. Example: a healer piece drops, all 3 healers roll, and healer 1 wins it, the next healing piece to drop that night can only be rolled on by healers 2 and 3 to be fair with loot distribution. "Share the love" method is what we call it Very Happy The exception here, is that if another healing piece drops, and healers 2 and 3 don't want it, then healer 1 can roll on it if they want it -or- if all 3 healers have gotten something that night, and a 4th piece drops, then they can all roll again. Priority for loot will go to main spec first. So in other words, a dps plate piece does not go to a prot warrior if an arms/fury warrior wants it, they would get priority over the prot warrior.

Check back here shortly for the new contest. We need a new name for the Alliance between us and Infinite Chaos, so when the contest is up, start coming up with some names and submit them when its available. The new name will then be adopted and will be reflected on this website as well as in game.

If you have any further questions, please refer them to your respective guild leaders.

Thank you.

Yllianna d'Anska (a.k.a Ahnji Misanagi & Cepentys Gravewind)

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What's happening?
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