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 Illhoof strat.

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PostSubject: Illhoof strat.   Thu May 15, 2008 3:54 pm

different stratagy that I found on Spurgnots

Before you begin this fight you need to do a few things. First of all Dampen Magic should be on your healers and AoE classes. If you are using a Warlock to "tank" all the Imps then they should have a shaman and a Paladin in their group if possible. The Paladin will give the Warlock Concentration Aura so he can Cast Seed of Corruption uninterrupted even when being spammed by the Imp's firebolts. Then the Shaman will be used for Fire Resistance Totem and Wrath of Air totem, this will decrease the damage that he takes and also increase his damage rather significantly.

The raid should also be buffed with Shadow Protection for this fight, and you will need to designate an offtank for Kil'rek. The offtank can be a Feral Druid or a DPS warrior, in my experience a DPS warrior works great for it as they can do just a ton of DPS in this fight. You should assign healers to specific targets for this fight also, one healer should be assigned to the Main tank that is on Illhoof, and one healer should be assigned to the Warlock or Mage that will be tanking the Imps. The best healer to put on the Warlock tank is a priest as they can Power Word: Shield them on every cooldown, this will also help minimize spell pushback. The third healer should be responsible for the sacrifice targets, do raid healing, and also help out on tanks. If the Warlock or Mage tank receives the Amplify Flames debuff from Kil'rek it should be announced and the third healer should help with heals on them. Lastly you should also have a rogue or Warrior responsible for keeping the Wounding Poison or Mortal Strike debuff up on Illhoof to reduce the healing he takes from Demon Chains.

Once you have all your assignments covered then it is time to start the pull, the main tank that is on Illhoof should initiate aggro. Once he has a decent aggro lead the raid should start DPS with all raid members on Illhoof for the beginning of the fight. The offtank for Kil'rek should grab him and keep him right next to Illhoof. If it is a DPS warrior he should not kill Kil'rek, but only maintain enough DPS on him to keep him from targeting healers or the AoE Imp tank.

Shortly after the fight begins Imps will begin to spawn from the two portals behind Illhoof, once at least two or three of them have spawned the tanking Warlock should begin to spam seed of corruption on Illhoof. If you have a Shadow Priest and keep any instant cast shadow DoT spells active the Seeds should explode within a few seconds. A Seed of Corruption should be kept active on Illhoof at all times throughout the fight, as it will explode and hit all the Imps in the room each time. Usually if the Warlock casts one seed on Illhoof the one on a separate target, then back to Illhoof this will work perfectly and the Seeds will continue to explode constantly.

After the Imps have begun to spawn, Illhoof will then Sacrifice someone. All raid DPS should quickly target the Demon Chains including the offtank on Kil'rek and the tanking Warlock, they can use a macro such as /tar Demon to assist in doing this. The Chains should die extremely quickly as long as everyone targets them and burns them down. Once the chains are dead now is the time to kill Kil'rek, as he will increase the raids damage against Illhoof by 25%. The Warlock should go back to Seeding Illhoof and the adds, and once Kil'rek is down the raid should continue DPS on Illhoof.

Simply continue the above rotation of killing the Demon Chains, followed by killing Kil'rek, then DPS hard on Illhoof until he is dead


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Illhoof strat.
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