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 Disciples of the Moon Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Disciples of the Moon Guild Rules   Sat May 17, 2008 6:25 pm


Members and Officers are required to read & follow the guild rules. There are no exceptions.
We expect you to know what the rules are, saying you didn't know about a rule is NOT acceptable.
Disregard for our rules WILL result in temporary suspension from guild activities and possibly removal
you get 3 Warnings, and then you're removed permanently, as are your alts.
Squire rank is set for temp. Suspension from guild activities.

** Be polite and respectful to guild members and any players you come in contact with in World of Warcraft. If you are wearing the Disciples of the Moon tag, your actions reflect on our guilds name. Keep in mind that you represent Disciples of the Moon in all that you do, and we will not let our guild name be tarnished by the actions of members. Behavior that will result in guild removal includes: Ninja Looting, Scamming, Griefing, Harassment, Public Attacks on other players/guilds (including posts on forums), and any excessively rude or sexual comments.

** NO excessive profanity or vulgar language. Guild channels and Ventrillo should be clean at all times. An occasional slip is one thing, making the effort to type something vulgar is different. Warnings and/or guild removal will result from excessive foul language.

** NO pestering. Requesting help with quests/instances in guild chat is fine. However, we do not tolerate spamming guild chat with these requests, trying to single people out by constantly sending whispers, or whining in guild chat trying to make people feel guilty. Warnings will be given for such behavior, and further action will be taken if necessary. guild activities spam is permissible

** No arguments or disputes should be fought over in guild or general chat channels.

** If members have problems with someone, use whisper or talk to an available Officer. If the problem is with an Officer, talk to the Guildmaster.

**NO Spamming guildchat excessive spamming is detrimental to the enjoyment of the game.

** NO begging. Begging for freebies & money in Guildchat is not allowed. Also asking for loans, we earn our own money in this guild Also begging in the general channels gives the guild a bad rep and we don't allow that either.

** Refresh your characters regularly, all characters not being active for 1 month gets wiped after that (Your DKP will be lost) unless a person checks with the guild leader or officers first for special cirrcumastances.

** Do not ask to be promoted. Newcomers who have 1) Registered on the website and 2) Been in guild for 2 weeks, will be promoted to Member. Veterans are Members who have shown themselves to be an asset to the guild, and the staff discuss these promotions. Officers are decided upon by the Guildmaster.

** Do not leave/quit a party without a word. Try to finish what you were doing. But if you really have to leave, tell that to the other people in your party. We are not leavers or quitters.
** Have respect for everyone. Not everyone has the same experience, so do not stress out if something goes wrong. Everyone must learn. So don't blame each other.

** NO Ninja-looting. Need only when you really need. Nobody will blame you if you press need and you really need the item. But when you ninja, there will be actions taken, and you may not be invited to go hunting again.

** Using hacks/exploits will get you insta-kicked. Use of hacks or third-party programs violating Blizzards EULA is strongly prohibited. Violators will be kicked out of the guild and reported to Blizzard. (Example: using the exploit allowing you to impersonate another guild member in guildchat *NB see below)

** Impersonating other people and/or Officers in guildchat is considered an exploit and will result in receiving a warning.

** Leave in a decent way. We put time and effort in tracking our playerbase and making a healthy guild. If you have considered things well and wish to leave the guild, you are expected to contact an officer and state why u wants to leave the guild. We might want to use this feedback to improve the guild.

** Guildhoppers are not welcome, our guild is based on long-term friendship

Newcomers in the guild wonít be able to join alts in the first 2 week period
Newcomers in the guild who donít signup for the website before the 2 week period has ended, will be removed from the guild

**If you attend a G*D Raid 5, 10 or 25 persons, make sure you are prepared:
Make sure u are fully repaired and have the needed mana, heal or whatever potions in ur packs.. bring buff foods and bandies aswell
If you disagree with something during the raid, find an Officer, and discuss it with them in /whisper, and NOT in the /Raid channel. Be aware however, due to the need for concentration, they may not be able to discuss the issue right away, and you may have to wait until after the Raid.
Be aware that D*M uses a DKP system in raids, check our forums on the current ruleset we use.
We expect you to behave in a polite manner on a raid with other people as with guild members


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Disciples of the Moon Guild Rules
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