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 How to get a tank for your PUG

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PostSubject: How to get a tank for your PUG   Thu May 29, 2008 5:09 pm

I love this. But then again I'm kinda biased since I do tank. Anyone's thougts on it?

Quote :
Since there seems to be this huge misconception about a tank shortage in the game, I figured I'd post some helpful hints about how PUGs can find tanks.

The first 3 are tips for when you are asking the tank to join your PUG, the ones afterwards are for when you're actually on the run.

Tip #1: Do not ask a warrior to tank for you if they are currently in a raid zone.
If you send me a tell asking me to tank Heroic Mech for your PUG while I'm in the middle of Black Temple or Sunwell, not only is it unlikely that I'll have time to respond at all, it is 100% guaranteed that I'm not going to leave my GUILD RAID to come tank for your retarded PUG.

Tip #2: Offer to pay for their repairs.
Plate costs more to repair than cloth, leather, or mail. I know, I know, it was supposed to be "normalized", but it was only normalized per point of durability, and plate has more durability than other gear, so we still pay more for repairs than you do. Plus, if you're asking a high end tank decked out in epics, they're probably paying 4-6g a death for repairs, even from an exalted vendor... and they're only getting a few badges they probably don't need anyway and a bunch stress in return for tanking for you. So offer to cover their repair cost, at least. If they have nothing but badges to gain from the run, offer to pay them for their time, as well, or guarantee them one of the shards or void crystals from the run. Remember, you need the tank. The tank doesn't need you.

Tip #3: Let them be group leader, and let them run the group their way.
Tanks are the drivers in groups. You may not like this, but it's true. Let the tank lead the group so they can mark targets. Let them boot out drooling retards who can't follow simple instructions like, "KILL SKULL FIRST". Tell them you'll let them run the group their way up front.

Tip #4: Do what they say.
They tell you to sheep moon, sheep moon, and keep it sheeped. If you can't sheep moon, say so. If you think there's a better target for you to sheep, let them know in a tell before the pull. But if you're assigned to CC something, keep it CC'd, don't just do something else because you think your idea is better. If they tell you to use a specific aura or totem or buff, do it. If you have a suggestion, make it in a tell between pulls. Otherwise, shut up and follow orders.

Tip #5: Keep CC'd mobs away from the tank, and keep them controlled.
CC'ing mobs on top of the tank does not make tanking easier, no matter what someone told you. If your CC breaks because you are stupid and can't re-cast your CC ability early, do your best to keep it away from the tank, but if you can't, let the tank know that there is a CC'd mob near them so they can move away. Also, don't just cast your sheep or shackle once and forget about it. Keep your mobs under control. It's not called "Mild Crowd Inconveniencing", it's called "Crowd Control".

Tip #6: Don't kill out of order, and don't AE until the tank says to.
If you have a warrior tanking, Multi-mob control is going to suck. If you split DPS, someone is going to pull agro. If you AE early, you are going to pull agro.

Tip #7: Let the tank hit the mob first.
Do not cast POM-Pyro before the mob is in melee range. Do not start DPS'ing as soon as the tank shoots the mob. Do not pull unless the tank tells you to.

Tip #8: Drink as soon as combat ends.
Good tanks will not wait for you to drink unless you are a healer. If you don't have mana to DPS, I don't care. If you whine about being low mana, I'll just laugh and pull faster.

Tip #9: Get a threat meter and learn how to use it.
The hallmark of a good dps'er is the ability to push enough damage to pull agro but the wisdom to not do it. If you pull agro and die, your dps will drop significantly. Your group will also have to rez and re-buff you, which slows things down. I guarantee you a run with no deaths is faster than a run where you go full burn on every pull and die 9 times.

Closing remarks:
There is no shortage of tanks.
There is only a shortage of tanks willing to tank for PUGs, because most PUG runs are idiotic wastes of time and gold.
If people in PUGs stopped being retards, there would be more tanks willing to tank for them.

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PostSubject: Re: How to get a tank for your PUG   Thu May 29, 2008 5:20 pm

Tanks are easy to find silly its healers that need to be begged!!! Razz


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How to get a tank for your PUG
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