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 Karazhan Progression (group 1)

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PostSubject: Karazhan Progression (group 1)   Wed Jun 04, 2008 10:37 am

Here is an overview of the progress made so far in Karazhan by group 1:

Attumen the Huntsman & Midnight (first night kill + one shotted)

Moroes (killed)

Maiden of Virtue (killed)

Opera House:
- Big Bad Wolf (first night kill)
- The Crone (first night kill)
- Romulo & Julianne (first night kill)

The Curator (killed)

Terestian Illhoof (killed)

Shade of Aran (first night kill + one shotted)

Netherspite (not yet seen)

Chess Event (first night kill + one shotted)

Nightbane (attempted: down to 50%)

Prince Malchezaar (first night kill + one shotted)

Yllianna d'Anska (a.k.a Ahnji Misanagi & Cepentys Gravewind)

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Karazhan Progression (group 1)
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