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 Thanks and time to Party

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PostSubject: Thanks and time to Party   Tue Jun 10, 2008 1:10 pm

To all

Amberosia is back and has again assumed the Leadership role in the guild. Amberosia was the original creator and guild leader. She (he) founded the guild and built it with the steadfast determination of building lifelong friendships while enjoying the game which we all love to play. I thank all of you who supported me during my tenure as guild leader while Amberosia was gone. I am pleased to give Amberosia back the title that was rightfully hers and look forward to continuing to help build and strengthen this awesome guild. Please all join me in welcoming back our fearless leader and letís throw a party for all (RP time). Lets say June 15th at 12pm server in The Blue Recluse bring your RP clothes and best drinks. we will play Dodge ball plz read rules. All guild members and alliance members are encouraged to attend.


Players are divided into teams of 3, each wearing matching colors (see your local tailor for options). One player acts as a referee. Play starts with 10 Heavy leather balls in an 'arena' of choice (the more populated the field of play, the more entertaining). on the whistle (fireworks, flare, whatever), teams start running, the ref tossing balls at random. the teams then throw the balls at each other, running and hiding to avoid being hit. after a set time period, (5 mins for example), the teams count up their balls (O.o), with the team with the most being eliminated. in the event of a tie, both teams are eliminated. play continues until one, or no, teams remain. a 2 ball penalty is issued to anyone who throws a ball to a toon not involved in the game, and a 1 ball penalty for hitting the ref. (good arenas: Orgrimmar, Booty Bay, Thunder bluff, Stormwind, Ironforge, Undercity, Wailing Caverns, Cenarion Hold, Feathermoon stronghold, basically anywhere with lots of corners and hiding places).


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Thanks and time to Party
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