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 Slow day at work

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PostSubject: Slow day at work   Thu Jun 12, 2008 8:11 pm

This is what happens when you have a slow day at work. Me and Mal were emailing back and forth playing the Murloc game. If you don't know what that is, you will by the time you get through this list. The list itself are movie titles that have undergone the Murloc game. Enjoy Smile

  1. The Incredible Murloc
  2. Iron Murloc
  3. Murloc of the Caribean: At Murlocís End
  4. The Return of Super Murloc
  5. The Murloc Father (1, 2 & 3)
  6. Murloc Jones: Raiders of the Lost Murloc
  7. The Lord of the Murlocs: Fellowship of the Murloc
  8. The Chronicles of Murlocia: The Murloc Prince
  9. The Silence of the Murlocs
  10. Bram Stokerís: Murloc
  11. A Clockwork Murloc
  12. Night of The Living Murlocs
  13. Fantastic Murloc: Rise of the Silver Murloc
  14. I Am Murloc
  15. Alvin and the Murlocs
  16. The Love Murloc
  17. Murlocís 11
  18. The Murloc: Reloaded
  19. The Devil Wearís Murloc
  20. An American Murloc in Paris
  21. Talladega Murlocs
  22. Friday Night Murlocs
  23. Mr. and Mrs. Murloc
  24. Four Murlocs
  25. Harry Murloc and the Murloc of Fire
  26. Nightmare On Murloc Street
  27. Charlie and the Murloc Factory
  28. Murlocs In The Outfield
  29. 40yr Old Murloc
  30. Meet The Murlocs
  31. Murloc Ventura: Murloc Detective
  32. Remember The Murlocs
  33. Being John Murloc
  34. Murlocface
  35. Beverly Hills Murloc
  36. The Murlocs Have Eyes
  37. The Blair Murloc Project
  38. Star Murlocs: The Murloc Strikes Back
  39. Conan The Murloc
  40. Murloc: First Blood
  41. The Murlocís Advocate
  42. Cheaper by The Murloc
  43. Die Hard: With A Murloc
  44. Murloc Kombat
  45. Edward Murlochands
  46. Murlocs In Black
  47. Murcinator: Rise of the Murlocs
  48. 10 Things I Hate About Murlocs
  49. A Few Good Murlocs
  50. I, Murloc
  51. Kill Murloc: vol 1 & 2
  52. 2 Fast, 2 Murloc
  53. The Last of the Murlocans
  54. Kung Fu Murloc
  55. The Lost World: Jurassic Murloc
  56. Murloc: The Dark Knight
  57. The Murloc: The Story of Joan of Murloc
  58. The Murloc Diaries
  59. Murloc On 34th Street
  60. Saving Private Murloc
  61. Teenage Mutant Ninja Murlocs
  62. Meet Joe Murloc
  63. The Murloc of Oz
  64. My Big Fat Murloc Wedding
  65. The Longest Murloc
  66. 101 Murlocs
  67. The Day After Murloc
  68. Beauty & The Murloc
  69. How To Lose A Murloc In Ten Days
  70. Broke Back Murloc
  71. Transmurlocers
  72. Sleeping Murloc
  73. Memoirs Of A Murloc
  74. The Murlocateer
  75. The Murloc-Files
  76. The Murloc Mile
  77. The Murloc Clause
  78. The Mighty Murlocs
  79. A Field of Murlocís
  80. Murloc The Line
  81. Star Trek: The Wrath of Murloc
  82. The Murloc In The Iron Mask
  83. A Murloc At The Roxbury

Yllianna d'Anska (a.k.a Ahnji Misanagi & Cepentys Gravewind)

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PostSubject: Re: Slow day at work   Thu Jun 12, 2008 9:48 pm

man u guys forgot the best ones lol

debbie does a murloc
deep murloc
the devil in miss murloc


one flew over the mulocs nest
citizen murloc
the murloc contender
the muloc hunter
murlocs list
saving private murloc
there is something about murlocs


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Slow day at work
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