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 Warrior Aggro 101

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PostSubject: Warrior Aggro 101   Wed Feb 20, 2008 4:33 pm

I did not write this, but a warrior I know wrote it, and from my experience as well with Ahnji, I have to say it's a good way to start really generating aggro for warrior tanks. As anything else in this game, your mileage may vary, but it is nevertheless a good starting point. Enjoy!

Quote :
I'm just going to throw this out there, but if you have imp taunt you're "/y I can't tank" There are VERY few times to ever taunt. First boss in ZA for instance, or if some nub dps get off 4 crits in a row, but if you need those extra 2 seconds knocked off your taunt then you're doing something wrong.

Shield Slam (henceforth know as SS) is YOUR attack. Causes a massive amount of threat and dispels a magic buff on your target (that is negligible in most cases) Use SS as smartly as you can. For instance I use it to to break CC, because it causes so much aggro that the poly'd or shackled target won't 1 shot a clothy. If you know the target puts up a buff that is dispelable wait to use it there. If the target is at 5% health, wait to use it. So on and so forth...

With our current level of gear we should have a revenge uptime of about 100%. Use it when ever possible, again causing a ton of aggro and only costs 2 rage (and lets face it until they fix our rage generation we need all the rage we can get)

Devastate is another must have attack.. but don't JUST spam it, yes it's nice and causes more aggro than sunder alone, but pretty much only use it when SS and revenge are on CD. Using this you'll be wayyy ahead of the DPS in terms of threat.

Another thing to note is heroic strike. While i never use it on trash, if i'm sitting on a large rage pool i'll use it in conjunction with devastate (they're right next to each other in my UI) HS doesn't use the GCD so when devastate is on CD pop HS then go back to devastate.

My typical rotation is
SS-Revenge-Devastate-(HS depending on rage)-Devastate-Revenge-SS-rinse repeat.

Use TC and Demo-shout once you have 5 sunders and have a large enough lead in threat. I tend to refresh them at about the halfway mark, because they tend to get resisted alot.

Another thing to note is your gear...
The general consensus seems to be saving your t4 for trash, and your better gear for bosses. In full t6 you're looking at 25%+ dodge and parry each and a 40% block... i.e. we're not getting enough rage, and because DPS won't slow down on trash we need more rage. So save your current gear, because pretty soon you'll have a set for trash and a set for bosses.

Don't forget everyone saw 300 and saw how OP 1h prot warriors can be. Sure we can't do captain america spec like the pallys... but we're FUCKING SPARTANS

Yllianna d'Anska (a.k.a Ahnji Misanagi & Cepentys Gravewind)

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Warrior Aggro 101
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