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 mage macros

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PostSubject: mage macros   Wed Feb 20, 2008 5:01 pm

this is without a doubt the best macro for CC also make sure u get the add-on polywatch from curse-gaming to display a timer on the screen. this macro allows u to resheep without retargeting the CC ed mob.

Sheep Focus
Using focus to keep an eye on your sheep can make you more reliable cc while also maximizing your DPS during the sheep's lifespan. The following macro gives you a single button that automatically manages your sheep as a focus until it dies or until you manually replace it with your current target.
When you click, if you're not already watching a sheep, your current target is put in focus and Polymorphed. Any subsequent clicks will resheep your focus, leaving you free to target something else for damage. Once your sheep is killed, click again to set your current target as focus and sheep it.
If you need to sheep a different target before your current sheep is down, target the new sheep, hold shift and click to make the change. #show Polymorph
/cast Polymorph

or you can place

/castrandom polymorph pig rank1, polymorph sheep rank4

Note that using this macro will interrupt any cast in progress and immediately focus and Polymorph

note: create a macro for clear focus to eliminate the mobs face after the mob is down. [color=orange]/clear focus

also use this between casts every once in awhile but mostly when u see your tank become small or a toad.
Easy Remove Curse Macro
This macro makes it so you can easily remove curses from party members by continually clicking the macro button. The first click will target you, the second will target the closest party member to you. This continues to all party members within range.
For party: /targetparty
/cast Remove Lesser Curse

For raid: /targetraid
/cast Remove Lesser Curse

Anti Grounding Totem Ice Lance

  • When used, this macro will cast Ice Lance on the nearest Grounding Totem without you losing your current target.
  • If no Grounding Totem exists it will simply cast Ice Lance on your current target. NOTE: while a slight edit will make this a good macro for removing other totems, this macro is absolutely unnecessary for removing grounding totems because grounding totems force harmful spells to target them...thats their purpose.
#showtooltip Ice Lance
/focus target
/target [exists] Grounding Totem
/cast Ice Lance
/target focus
PVP macro The I Win Button

aka PoM Pyro, the largest burst of damage a mage can deliver. Requires an arcane/fire spec. Cast the following sequence instantly and with a single button press:

  • Presence of Mind, to make Pyroblast an instant cast
  • Arcane Power, increasing spell damage and mana consumption by 30% for the next 15 seconds.
  • Pop first trinket (probably something that boosts damage or crit)
  • Pop second trinket (same deal)
  • Pyroblast
To get all this to happen with a single button press, need /stopcasting after the PoM and AP . #showtooltip Pyroblast
/cast Presence of Mind
/cast Arcane Power
/use 13
/use 14
/cast Pyroblast
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mage macros
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