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 Tanking Weapon Enchants

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PostSubject: Tanking Weapon Enchants   Mon Feb 25, 2008 1:12 pm

Just for all of you wondering what enchant you should really have on that tanking weapon, here's a good basis for your choice.

Blue Quality Weapon
+20 STR or +20 AGI

The +20 STR will increase your max damage helping you generate a little more threat as well as increasing your block value slightly, helping with damage mitigation and threat generation from Shield Slam. The +20 AGI will up your crit chance helping threat generation through DPS and it will also up your armor and dodge rating, helping with damage mitigation. These enchants are relatively inexpensive.

Epic Weapon - Threat Generating (ie.: King's Defender)

Executioner will have a chance to proc and ignore 840 of your target's armor for 15 seconds. Combined with a hard hitting weapon like the King's Defender, you will generate more threat through damage. Use this combination when tanking trash where fast aggro build is required.

Epic Weapon - Damage Avoidance (ie.: The Sun Eater)

Mongoose will increase agility by 120 for 15 seconds when it procs, increasing crit chance, armor, and dodge rating. This is an excellent combination for tanking raid bosses where you are not rage starved and where damage avoidance is key.

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Tanking Weapon Enchants
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