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 What World of Warcraft Class Are You?

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PostSubject: What World of Warcraft Class Are You?   Sat Mar 08, 2008 10:18 pm

I got this off another message board. LMAO. I'm a hippy at heart. Razz

What World of Warcraft Class Are You?

1. What is your favorite color?

-Gray. Shiny gray, like steel.

-Black, like the gaping void I stare into every day.

-Red, it's the color spraying around me most of the time; I've learned to love it.

-White, the purest color of them all.

-Green, like plants and trees, the color of life!

2. Where are you most likely to be found?

-Mashing my fist into someone's face in the basement of the nearest tavern. Possibly for money. Or more than likely, for the feeling of face on my fist.

-Having a spot of tea with my minions. I get lonely sometimes, so summoning my own friends comes in handy.

-Mixing potent poisons and potions in preparation of my next "job".

-In the Cathedral, worshipping the Light of course. If there's no Cathedral nearby, I'll build one.

-Traipsing through the forest, picking flowers and herding squirrels and mending the ravages of mankind on the Earth.

3. While wandering through town, you happen upon a small cloth doll that some poor child apparently dropped. What do you do?

-Walk on by, maybe step on it accidentally. I'm not that aware of my surroundings.

-Keep it. It's sure to come in handy sometime for a summoning ritual or possibly more nefarious deeds.

-Tear it open and check the insides for the secret missive hidden in the stuffing, as well as 30% advance payment.

-Pick it up and vow to return it to its original owner, no matter the cost. Innocence must be preserved! (Though children should be in the Cathedral, learning the glory of the Light, not messing about with playthings.)

-Give it a good examination, to make sure only healthy natural fibers were used, and no animal pelts. Then I'll use my keen sense of smell to track down its original owner.

4. What kind of transportation do you use?

-A '67 Chevy, my pride and joy. It's not worth driving if it doesn't make your teeth chatter and your change fall out of your pocket when the engine's revving.

-Transportation? Eh, I manage, with a little help from my "friends" ... Things tend to catch fire once my ride's here, however.

-A Kawasaki Ninja. It gets me there and back quickly, and can navigate small places.

-A brilliant white steed! Who cares if it seems odd to my coworkers, and causes parking issues.

A bicycle, or my own feet. No reason to harm those around me for something as trivial as getting from point A to point B!

5. What's your favorite candy?

-Candy?! GIMME! I want it all!

-Black licorice, it's so tasty.

-Chocolate. You can do so much with it... like cover up the flavor of other things.

-Anything minty, I like that fresh, clean taste.

-I don't eat candy, I prefer dried fruits and nuts.

6. What's your biggest pet peeve?

-Smartypants Know-it-alls. Too much talky talky, not enough action.

-Disobedience. If you are here, it is for a reason, MY reason, and if you do not do as I ask, I'm sending you back.

-Constantly having to unlock things. People should just realize how futile it is. They're locking it to keep me out. All it does is slow me down.

-The undead. They should know better than to try and outlive their lives! And they're so dirty.

-Litter bugs! I can't stand people who don't have basic respect for the world they live in!

7. What's your favorite season?

-Summer, since I can get away with wearing less in battle. Winter wear just gets in the way.

-Winter, when everything in the world is cold and lifeless and the darkness lasts longer.

-Autumn; those leaf molds come in handy, and camouflage is easiest.

-Spring, when the world is new, fresh, and pure.

-I love all seasons equally, they are the ebb and flow of all life.

8. Your best friend has just openly blabbed something you told him or her in absolute confidence. What do you do?

-Give him a sound whomping with my fists, then head to the pub to buy him a couple rounds. Friends is friends - and he'll probably never do that again.

-I would tell him everything is just fine, but send one of my minions to teach him a lesson in the middle of the night... a lesson he wouldn't forget, if he lived through it.

-I don't have any friends. It's simply not lucrative.

-Demand he remove himself from my sight, and disavow him permanently! How dare he betray me! I am righteously indignant!

-I would take him for a nice, long walk in the forest, and explain how betrayed I feel. Hopefully he will understand, and we can begin rebuilding trust again.

9. What's your favorite movie?



-Kung Fu Hustle


-The Golden Compass

10. When you're out at the bar, what are you drinking? (Or if you've never been to a bar, what do you think you'd be drinking?)

-BEER! It's a man's drink.

-A fine red wine, as old as possible, price is no object.

-A shot or two of something hard, but no more. I've got to keep my senses sharp.

-Bars are for the depraved! Dens of debauchery! I wouldn't be caught dead in one!

-I suppose I'd only be there because I'm with friends, so I'd have some nice fresh juice.

11. What are you going to eat with that drink?

-MEAT! The redder the better.

-Some foie gras perhaps, or oysters. I like to treat myself properly.

-I suppose I'll have a sandwich. Nothing too heavy.

-I'll be eating at home. A humble, well-balanced meal of vegetables, meat, and fresh-baked bread, but only after giving thanks

-Oh, definitely vegetables. I'm a vegetarian.
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What World of Warcraft Class Are You?
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