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 Threat Generation and Multiple Mobs

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PostSubject: Threat Generation and Multiple Mobs   Thu Apr 03, 2008 10:22 am

A common problem that tanks come up against when tanking is how to hold multiple mobs AND make sure the main kill target stays on the tank while not having to tell the DPS gimme 5 so I can build aggro. The answer? Not an easy one. I'll try and break things down a bit and bare in mind that this will look good on paper, but applying it will take practice. Learning to build insane threat on a single target is easy enough with proper ability rotation. On several mobs, it becomes more difficult. Like anything else, get out there and put it to the test and you'll get the hang of it. It really is the only way to get a feel for it. Let's begin.

Single Target Aggro Control

Just like in any situation for tanking, be the one pulling. If someone else pulls (ie.: over zealous Hunter) you need to waste a taunt to take him back from the other player. If it's a safe location (and there aren't many anymore since the expansion) you can just charge into the mob and start wailing away at it and build threat. If not, pop your Bloodrage for instant rage generation and then proceed with the pull, back to where you are. If it's a caster mob, just look around you, chances are there is something to hide behind to pull with line-of-sight. A wall works, a box, will not. If the caster can't see you, they can't cast at you.

Once they reach you, you need to hit them with something. Best bet? Hit 'em with Shield Slam (not Shield Block or Shield Bash). Shield Slam (SS) is the biggest threat generator a tank has. And it pretty much is the only ability we have that scales with our gear. The more shield block value (SBV) your gear has, the more your SS hits for, and the more threat it generates. This is why SS should be the first move you use on a mob when it gets to you. It is also the reason why you should keep it on cooldown (CD). If it's available, use it.

Now that you've got that initial aggro locked in so that the healer doesn't pull the mob off you with a big heal, time to get to work on keepin the aggro higher than the DPS in your group. The highest threat generating and most rage/threat efficient rotation is:

Shield Slam --> Revenge --> Devastate --> Devastate --> rinse and repeat

If you don't have Devastate in your spec, you really should get it as it generates tons more threat than Sunder Armor alone, while at the same time applying the Sunder effect to the mob. With good gear, your Revenge should be lit up almost 100% of the time since it procs from a dodge, block or parry. If it doesn't come up too often then just use Shield Block to light it up:

Shield Slam --> Shield Block --> Revenge --> Devastate --> Devastate --> rinse and repeat

Just keep going through this cycle and DPS can go to town on the mob while your yellin at it, "Who's your daddy!"

Threat Generation for Two Mobs

If it happens (and it will) that you need to tank two mobs at once, either due to lack of Crowd Control (CC) or lack of rage generation from a single target, there isn't a whole lot more that needs to be done in order to hold both. First things first. Kindly remind your group that you are a Warrior and not a Paladin. You don't crap out AoE threat in all directions simultaneously on an unlimited amount of mobs. DPS need to focus fire (FF) and not AoE the mobs, or die. Up to them. Your taunt should be reserved for the healer alone.

My saying is this: If the tank dies, it's the healer's fault. If the healer dies, it's the tank's fault. If DPS dies, it's their own damn fault.

Now that DPS is aware that they can't just face roll the keyboard in order to DPS, go ahead and pop that Bloodrage and pull your targets. With 2 mobs, best choice is shoot the 2nd target first. This means that they will reach you first, and you will be able to lay into them right away with a SS. Soon as you hit 'em with SS, switch to the 1st target, who by now is just arriving to you, and hit 'em with that Revenge that should be lit up and start cycling through the above rotation. One important difference here though, is that you don't need to switch constantly to the 2nd target to hold it. Just toss out a Cleave every rotation in order to keep your threat on the 2nd target above the healer's.

Keep up the cycle and when the 1st mob is down to about 10% switch over to 2nd target and start going through the same rotation you'd use on a single target. By now your threat on mob 1 will be high enough that DPS can kill it down without pulling off you, and you've gotten a few seconds to build a big lead on mob 2 before DPS even gets to it.

Multi-mob Threat Generation and Control

Bottom line, best way to handle a crowd of mobs is lots of CC. This of course is the ideal situation. You might run into a pug group with a DPS Warrior, a Rogue and a Hunter who doesn't know how to trap. So let's assume a mob pull of 3. This can of course be applied to 4 or 5 mobs as well, but for the sake of not typing a novel, we'll stick to 3.

Once again, remind your group that you are a Warrior and not a Paladin. Pop your Bloodrage and go ahead and shoot the 1st target. Why not 2nd target you ask? Or 3rd for that matter? Answer, you need to make sure that mob is in check the whole fight. So shoot 1st target and when it gets to you hit 'em with your SS. Once again you now have control on him over your healer and the initial DPS. The first few seconds here are crucial since you need to move fast or your DPS will pull the main target off you. Once mob 1 has been hit by SS the other 2 mobs will have reached you by now. Hit your Thunderclap (TC) while staying on mob 1. This is where I suggest you get Improved TC as it doubles the threat generation of TC. This alone will not keep aggro on you for the whole fight but it will keep the other 2 mobs from running after the healer with the first heal.

Once the 3 mobs are beating on you lay down 2 Devastates into mob 1 and pop TC again to build up some more threat on the other 2 mobs. Now here is the tricky part, so far you have SS mob 1, TC the 3 mobs, Devastate x2 on mob 1, and TC again on all 3 mobs, all in a matter of 2-3 seconds tops. You now have to decide whether you think you have enough of a build in threat on mob 1 to take your focus to mob 2 and 3 to build some real threat on them. TC is good, but eventually those heals will surpass the threat of your TC so you need to lay into the other 2 mobs as well.

Tabbing through the mobs will be your easiest way to accomplish this. So tab to mob 2, Devastate him, then tab to mob 3 and Devastate him as well. Now tab back to mob 1, who should still be on you, and start rotating through your abilities:

Shield Slam --> Revenge --> Devastate --> Devastate

Once you cycle through, tab back to mob 2 again, Devastate, tab to mob 3 Devastate, back to mob 1 and cycle again. This essentially is the way you work it with 3+ mobs in a pull. Of course, getting the speed and timing down will take practice. Thatís really the only way to get good at it. But hopefully having read this, you will be armed with the tools to generate high threat, regardless of how many targets you need to tank, as well as being able to control all those targets.

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PostSubject: Re: Threat Generation and Multiple Mobs   Thu Apr 03, 2008 6:15 pm


going to take it to heart and start using it to my advantage, cant wait to get out there and try, try again.


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Threat Generation and Multiple Mobs
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