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 Arms/Fury Hybrid Build for PvE

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PostSubject: Arms/Fury Hybrid Build for PvE   Tue Apr 29, 2008 11:54 am


Auto Attack --> Slam --> Mortal Strike
Auto Attack --> Slam --> Whirlwind
Auto Attack --> Slam --> Mortal Strike
Auto Attack --> Slam --> Demo Shout/Battle Shout

Rinse and repeat. Get the Quartz addon so you can time your Slams so they start just as your Auto Attack lands on the mob, because if you start the Slam too early, ie: before Auto Attack hits, it will reset your swing timer and you will miss out on the hit, meaning less DPS.

Yllianna d'Anska (a.k.a Ahnji Misanagi & Cepentys Gravewind)

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Arms/Fury Hybrid Build for PvE
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